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Real example. A few companies had had a few clients and a small turnover, which was enough only for rent and the salary of 2 employees, before they appealed to us. After appealing to us, companies had to hire more employees to handle with influx of orders.

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  • Save thousands of euros on marketing

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Our prices: 0.03€ per one email mailing/ 0.05€ for all contact data. Minimum payment 25€

Price examples of different collections

Personalized emails to companies of buiding sector with turnover more than 10.000

€ 76.30

  • 1910 such companies for 0.03€ each
  • +19€ for personal operator's work
  • Operator will prepare a layout, place a text and suggest optimal configuration
  • guaranteed delivery
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Database ОÜ Ida-Virumaa, where are over 5 employees

€ 33,40

  • 668 such Osaühing in Ida-Virumaa for 0.05€ each
  • Database in form of table Excel / PDF
  • Contain contact data and general information
  • Avalaible for download right after payment
Order start selection

Advertising to apartment association in Tallinn

€ 149.52

  • 4984 apartment associations for 0,03€ each
  • Choice of mailing's time and date
  • Mailing with your content
  • guaranteed delivery
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* NB! New companies appear and old companies closes, because of that a count of companies may vary and be different from count in given examples and it also affects the collection's price

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What our clients say about us

  • Thank you very much for such a flexible service. We sent a request for work to all building companies and got a brilliant offer from company, that we didn't even know

    Anton Sviridov

  • In lucky season I had a lot of excellent product and I had hardly enough space to keep it. But I needed a sales market or, at worst, my product could turn into a pile of rubbish. With help of this team I sent out my offer and my current partner answered himself and helped release all product on comfortable to each other conditions!

    Mati Mets

  • 2020/2021 season was crisis because of COVID. We started to suffer losses and we had a threat of closure (rent, teachers' salary, debts). Then we accidently succeded to talk with this company's representative. According to their idea we developed a coaching concept for office employees and sent out offers to all commercial companies. We recruited 11 groups in 6 directions and raised our educational center to a new level in only 3 weeks.

    Anneli Jaanimets

    Education department manager
  • Due to the circumstances, some time I had to work as a cleaner in apartment association as my acquaintance advised me. Then we sent out our offer to over 3000 apartment association and in hope that we will find at least 1-2 objects for extra work. Eventually we have more than 20 objects for cleaning, own company and 7 staff members. Life divided to before and after using ettevõ's service. Highest estimation!

    Adriana Lipetski

    Manager - Administrator
  • By profession I'm designer and artist at heart. After finishing a university, I could find worthy work for a half year. I didn't want to draw stupid web for 700 euros per month. I was tried to find worthy work and drove in bolt as a driver. Then I accidently learned about and sent out examples of my works to design and engineering companies. After 3 weeks I has been working in cool building company as a interier designer. I'm happy, because I found, what I was looking for. At the beginning I couldn't realize what happened.

    Anton-Erik Bobkov

    Chief Designer

Our answers to

Frequently asked questions

To understand principle of our service's work and how it specifically works and also to understand their benefit, our clients often ask many different questions. Some of them repeat and we decided to answer this questions.

What will using this service cost to me?

Price calculation algorithm is very simple. Requisites type's cost (requisites database 0,05€/ sending email 0,03€) multiplies on chosen companies' count. In second case you can get profession operator's help for 19€, that will select the best sending time, will help to compose email correctly and place your materials for best effect. Minimum service's cost - 25€ i.e. if your collection is very small and price is less than 25€ you anyway will have to pay 25€ for our service

What is companies requisites' database?

It's a table file in format Excel / Csv / Pdf (as you choose) which strokes contain legal entities, that suit your collection, and columns contain serial number, name, registrational number, type of form of a legal entity, registration date, field of activity, share capital (and whether it is included), county, city, state taxes, labor taxes, turnover, number of employees, address, postal code, phone number, e-mail, webpage tax's phone number.

What is "sending emails" to companies?

This method is related to companies. It is often cheaper and more comfortable. You needn't think, how to send 100.00 similar emails and in such a way, that they reach the recipient. You do the selection of suitable to you companies. Then you write us in special form emails for companies, add necesary files and images to your message. Then you choose suitable day and time for sending and also put your requisites. In appointed day and hour all chosen companies will get an email to their mailbox from your name (if there is). After that during a weak you will get 3 reports about sending statistics (after 1 day, 4 days and after 7 days) - how many mails reached the recipient and how many of them were opened. You can also use a professional operator's help.

What is "professional operator's help"?

When you choose sending mails to companies you can choose a professional operator's service for 19€. In that case during 24 hours after placing an order our employee will contact with you and clarify mail sending date and time if it's necesary and also advice you most suitable for better effect day and time. Our employee will also nicely and efficiencly place your material in mail and give advice about materials. Placing material and content will be conformed with first 3 second rules, which after is made a decision about necessity of further reading. Often this text is read further. And from this positions you have to convince recepient to pay attention to your company and continue reading material. Besides your material must be expounded correctly, without mistakes, not boring and easy to read. Our consultants have such a knowledge a will help you with their advises and will do work of sending preparing. We speak russian, estonian and english languages.

How is the payment?

After selection all necessary companies, uploading your materials (by option "sending a mail") and requisites you will go to maksekeskus AS payment form, where you can do payment using bank link or bank card. If you can't or don't want to use this payment way, we can send you a bill, which you can pay manually in your bank. After succesful payment your order will be activated and ready to send mails to companies. If you chose receiving database with company requisites - you will get a mail with link to table file to download.

How legal is it?

Its absolutely legal. We receive data from entities from opened public sector released specially to receiving information. Furtermore we receive this data from state register and information systems. Then our unique software processes, sort and combine received data. Thus you pay not for requisite data (because this data is free), but for using our software and results of collecting and processing data.

What are the guarantees of the result on the database?

When choosing options of companies' database you get exactly what you order accurate to one. You can also choose companies which have e-mail, phone number, website etc. Result is 100% guaranteed, because data, appointed by company, comes from state register.

What are the guarantees of result when sending a mail?

When sending a mail, technically sending a result is guaranteed, because we cooperate with professional services for sending mass mails. Sending result is also guaranteed with three reports. The first report includes a list of companies (name and registration number) to which the mail was sent. In the same report, the result of the sending and opening of letters after the first day. The 2nd report shows the number of delivered and opened emails on the 4th day, and the 3rd report on the 7th day. How effective your message will be and how many companies will respond to your message and respond to you already depends on the content and services of your company, as well as on some other strategic factors. Using the specialist's service, you will increase the effectiveness of your message at times.

Do you have discounts and flexibilities in provision of services?

From time to time, we use PROMO codes for our customers to provide discounts on our services. Also, for regular customers, we can provide a permanent customer code, which will give a discount on the service on a regular basis. And the more orders you make, the bigger the discount will be. We are also quite flexible in providing specific collections, specific information and other services. Just contact us and describe what you need to do or get, and we will contact you with a detailed consultation and offer possible variants.

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