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We are a team of developers and programmers for the Estonian and international market. We specialize in building intelligent analytical systems, with an emphasis on information processing. We have been in our role in the Estonian market since 2017. Since then, we have built several powerful systems for collecting and processing data, analyzing it and reproducing certain actions by robots depending on the results of the analytics. In 2020, we started a new project and we needed to collect a database of Estonian companies and process this data in different sector in order to identify some patterns for our project. It was how we created a system that collects data from enterprises and analyzes them, allowing you to make difficult selections. And in the future it grew into a individual project, which now exists in the form it is. But we do not stop and are constantly developing this project, improving the flexibility, comfort and efficiency of our system. At the moment, no one else on the Estonian market provides this service at the same level and to the same amount as we do.

  • We created this system for oursevles and then offered it to you
  • We are experts in collecting and processing data
  • We are not professionals only in programming, but also in bussiness and marketing, to do ours services maximum effective.

We help you contact with companies, that you need. Maximum efficiency for minimum prices.