More about our service

More about our service

How it works

Collectors: Control of data's freshness

Our robots are permanently and every second at work, regularly checking, adding and updating data on all legal entities (companies and associations) in Estonia from open sources.


Our other robots, which are a unique development and our pride - processing all our data about all companies every minute, marking all trouble data(If anything isn't there), and also sort all companies of Estonia by different categories, collections and options.

Interface - assistant

Our website's interface helps you to do a necessary selection of all companies of Estonia, which you want to contact. Our interface is flexible and intuitively understandable, allows you to collect exactly that sector of data that you need in a few clicks. Also, the assistant immediately shows the cost of this selection, depending on the type of service.

Receiving database

If you chose a database, then the next step after payment you will receive an email to download a data file (Microsoft Excel table, PDF table or text CSV file) using a unique link. The download link will be available for one hour. If you did not have time to download the data - just contact us.

Sending of email: processing with specialist

After choosing the service 'sending of emails' and after payment, all the information from you goes further to our specialists. Our employee will view all the information received from you. If there are any inaccuracies or ambiguities in the information you send, our specialist will contact you. The mailing process will be processed and prepared by our specialists and the launch of the mailing will start at the scheduled date and time.

An individual approach - Specialist's assistant

For a small additional payment, our specialist, if necessary, will give advice on a more effective text and placement of advertising in the mail (the rule of the first three seconds etc) - will make the text of your mail correct and beautiful, and will also help you choose the best time to send the message. This is necessary to achieve the best efficiency and best results. Thus, as many Estonian companies as possible will not only receive your letter, but are also more likely to want to read it to the end and contact you by responding to your offer.

Attention - Ready to be - Gone!

On the day and time selected, letters will be sent UNDER YOUR NAME to all selected companies. A day later, and then on the fourth and seventh days, you will receive a dispatch report - a number of companies that have received your letter, as well as some metrics - how many messages were delivered, how many were opened and read. This way you can monitor the flow of information, popularity and the effectiveness of our service.

  • Quickly
  • Reliably
  • Effectively
  • Cheaply

If you have any questions - we are always glad to discuss the details with you, explain everything, help, etc. Just contact us in a way comfortable for you. Also, if you have any special conditions or specific nuances regarding our service, please contact us. We welcome a personal approach to meet your wildest expectations and bring your most brilliant ideas to life

Reviews about our service

What our clients and partners wrote us after receiving the service

As it usually said, nothing speaks so much about the quality of a particular product or a particular service as reviews from those people who have tried it and want to share their impressions.

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  • Thank you very much for such a flexible service. We sent a request for work to all building companies and got a brilliant offer from company, that we didn't even know

    Anton Sviridov

  • In lucky season I had a lot of excellent product and I had hardly enough space to keep it. But I needed a sales market or, at worst, my product could turn into a pile of rubbish. With help of this team I sent out my offer and my current partner answered himself and helped release all product on comfortable to each other conditions!

    Mati Mets

  • 2020/2021 season was crisis because of COVID. We started to suffer losses and we had a threat of closure (rent, teachers' salary, debts). Then we accidently succeded to talk with this company's representative. According to their idea we developed a coaching concept for office employees and sent out offers to all commercial companies. We recruited 11 groups in 6 directions and raised our educational center to a new level in only 3 weeks.

    Anneli Jaanimets

    Education department manager
  • Due to the circumstances, some time I had to work as a cleaner in apartment association as my acquaintance advised me. Then we sent out our offer to over 3000 apartment association and in hope that we will find at least 1-2 objects for extra work. Eventually we have more than 20 objects for cleaning, own company and 7 staff members. Life divided to before and after using ettevõ's service. Highest estimation!

    Adriana Lipetski

    Manager - Administrator
  • By profession I'm designer and artist at heart. After finishing a university, I could find worthy work for a half year. I didn't want to draw stupid web for 700 euros per month. I was tried to find worthy work and drove in bolt as a driver. Then I accidently learned about and sent out examples of my works to design and engineering companies. After 3 weeks I has been working in cool building company as a interier designer. I'm happy, because I found, what I was looking for. At the beginning I couldn't realize what happened.

    Anton-Erik Bobkov

    Chief Designer

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